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How To DIY A Beautiful Website With Ease with Louise Henry on Squarespace

Why You Need A Website ⚡️ And How To DIY A Beautiful Website With Ease!


Do you need to create a website for your business or for your portfolio? 

Or maybe you have one already... but it's not bringing in clients, traffic or it doesn't make you happy with the current template or format? 


If you're still uncertain about whether you need a beautiful website for your business, here are 4 reasons why I think it's an absolute MUST:  

  1. It makes you discoverable - you want someone to be able to Google your business and FIND you. There are so many potential clients out there right now searching for solutions to the problems you solve. You need to get in front of them!
  2. It allows you to tell your story in a simple, clear way. You can tell someone who is new to you exactly what you do + who you do it for right on your beautiful website (rather than having them guess from scanning through your Instagram feed). 
  3. It's going to allow you to implement SO many more marketing strategies - growing your email list, setting up sales funnels - these are the things you can do once you have a website and how you turn your website into a 24/7 salesperson for your business. 
  4. It allows you to demonstrate your expertise (which makes it way easier to book clients). It increases trust & allows people to take your business more seriously. 

Okay, so those are all fantastic reasons why you need a website, but isn't it really expensive/time-consuming/difficult to set up? 

It doesn't have to be!  

My friend Louise is hosting a super helpful (and fun!) FREE 3 Day Challenge next week called Design Your Client-Winning Website 🎉🎉

Challenge dates: March 29-31, 2021.

Louise will be showing you exactly how to design a client-winning website from scratch (no tech skills required).

 A lot of people struggle with this process but it really doesn't have to be so hard/overwhelming/expensive… Louise knows how to make it FUN and EASY! 😄💃
She will be sharing easy design hacks & the strategy you need to turn your website into your BEST marketing tool (so that you can kick back while the clients roll in 🙌).

Louise is awesome at simplifying tech and believes that YOU (yes, you) can actually DIY your website ✅ 

She's going to walk you through the process (starting right at the beginning) in her free 3-day challenge

I've seen the lesson plan and it looks like so much fun! 🎉

It is absolutely free to join, just head to the challenge sign-up page HERE to save your seat and then Louise will get in touch with everything you need to know. 

Here's a sneak peek of the topics she’ll be covering…

 ✔️ Day 1: The Strategy Behind a Website that Sells

You'll learn exactly what you need to include on your website to turn website visitors into clients! 

✔️ Day 2: How to Design a Website you (and your future clients) LOVE

We'll figure out exactly what your dream website looks like... and then get to work bringing it life! 

 ✔️ Day 3: How to Build Your Website - the Easy Way! (no tech skills required)

You'll learn exactly what tech tools you need & how to connect all the moving pieces with zero tech stress!

When you sign up, you'll get:

✅ A live lesson each day from Monday, March 29 - March 31

✅ Daily action steps so that you can make some serious progress on your site & uplevel your biz! 🚀🚀

✅ Louise hanging out with you, providing feedback & answering all your website Qs

Ready to Create Your Client-Winning Website?

Make more progress in this one week than you have all year!

Louise's FREE 3-Day Website Challenge starting next week! 

This FREE challenge is for you if: 

✅ You want a stunning, professional website

✅ You want to turn your website into your best 24/7 marketing tool


❌ You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a web developer

❌ You want the power to edit & update your website whenever you want

The challenge is called Design Your Client-Winning WebsiteLouise will be going live every day to teach you exactly how to design a website that gets you clients and helps grow your online business! 

You'll get worksheets and daily action steps, as well as a challenge Facebook group to make sure that you have everything you need to have your website designed by the end of next week!

It is absolutely free to join, just head to the challenge sign-up page HERE to reserve your seat and then Louise will get in touch with the full details and everything you need to know.

It's so much fun and you'll make so much progress on your website!

Hope you're excited for the challenge! 

Don't wait for too long! Join Louise's FREE 3-Day Website Challenge starting next week HERE!

If you need to let go of certain thoughts that have been keeping you stuck, check out the Let Go action sheet HERE.

Boost your self-esteem with the FREE 7-Day Self-Esteem Reset Challenge HERE.

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