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You have the idea for online business but this crazy online industry and what it is you need to be doing in your business to get your program selling get you confused?

Understanding all the different funnel strategies out there is just the beginning, now you need to implement them!

Let me introduce you to my favorite person, a queen of Kajabi, Meg

Why now join Meg inside CCI where over the next 5 months she’ll be working through the full A-Z of course launching? Click HERE to learn more about how Meg can help you thrive in your online business. 

That means,
✨ Building Your Website
✨ Optimizing it for SEO
✨ Learning the Fundamentals of Design & Copy
✨ Strategizing Your Launch
✨ Growing Your Audience and List
✨ Marketing & Ads
✨ Gamifying Your Programs

Everything you need to know, at a pace you can absorb it and with a hands-on coach who’ll be by your side every step of the way (errr….that’s Meg by the way! )

“Learning about Kajabi from Meg, isn't just about Kajabi. Far from it! It feels more like a full business program, that really helps make sense of online business, approach options, funnels, and how it all fits together. The technical Kajabi support is absolutely five star, but the aha's for me have really come from both the broader picture as well as the details of actually producing a product and offer.” Lisa Lofquist

Not only do you learn all these incredible new skills, but you’ll be surrounded by hands down the best community of like-minded entrepreneurs around.

“After 5 years on Wordpress and getting nowhere fast, I finally have everything I need to succeed with Kajabi...and Meg! It was the best thing I ever did in the online space. Meg is a fantastic teacher, the course is fantastic, and the community is one of my all-time favorites! I'm so grateful to you and to our community for their love and support all of this time to help all of us realize our dreams!” Denise Marchisotto

CCI only runs once a year, so if you’ve been under-utilizing the Kajabi platform up until now or are just getting started, don’t look back in 2023 wishing you were further ahead. There’s no such thing as an overnight success, but there sure as some available shortcuts!

Enrolments close April 21st unless places filled earlier. Click HERE to learn more about how Meg can help you thrive in your online business. 

Did I mention your VA can come too?!


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