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🤍 Life is FULL of possibilities

🤍 You are ENOUGH

🤍 You are LOVED

🤍 You are worthy to be YOU

🤍 You deserve to live a HAPPY life

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Heal-Reconnect-Move Forward

Have you ever felt lonely, sad, or depressed about unfulfilled goals in your life? Ever wondered why you’re here? Maybe you longed for someone to share these problems with or to give you reassurance. Might I suggest that I can be that person for you now? And here’s my message for you:

You’re enough. Yes, you. You are loved. You’re worthy to be you. You have everything you need to thrive in this life, and you deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life! Life is full of possibilities, but only if you take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Your job is to set goals, create your plan, and stick with them to keep moving forward. 

I hope this book will inspire you to achieve your dreams, heal your emotional wounds, recognize your self-worth, and get rid of toxic relationships. 

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Meet Jen

Jen Dinh is a professional life and relationship coach, motivational speaker, online course creator, and founder of Awaken Happiness Coaching, LLC. She is based in Virginia and works virtually with her one-on-one and group coaching clients. Jen specializes in helping women heal their emotional wounds and find inner peace so they can live their life with clarity and contentment. 

When Jen doesn’t coach her clients online, she teaches Psychology as an adjunct faculty at a community college in the Washington, D.C. area.  With the Master’s degree in Psychology and years of training in life coaching, Jen helps women around the world go from lost and frustrated to healed, reconnected to their true selves, and moving forward with their life.

Hey Friends


Some days does it feel like you're on a hamster wheel, running and running but not going anywhere? Are you constantly in a bad mood, or does your mood instantly change when stress hits? Do you want to reduce stress, improve your emotional health, and improve relationships with yourself and the people around you?

Fear, anxiety, and self-doubt tend to creep in for everyone, especially in crazy times. I understand! As a certified life and relationship coach, I’ve helped women heal their emotional wounds and find inner peace. 

Reading blog posts or watching YouTube videos can only get you so far. If you want real, long-lasting results, you need support. Clicking download in a caffeinated frenzy and filling your inbox with more information will just leave you overwhelmed and confused. Instead of trying to piece the puzzle together on your own from multiple sources, choose one mentor or one program. Invest and implement, and the results will come much faster because you are focused.

If you are ready and would like my support, I’d be honored to guide you.

Quotes from the book for Everyday Well Being

    • I love and approve of myself.
    • I choose to be happy regardless of what the world or others want.
    • Rejection is a gift.
    • I make a conscious choice to be happy.
    • I am at peace with my past, present and future.
    • Make everyday events memorable, happy occasions.
    • You are enough.
    • I am grateful for this moment that enriches my life. 
    • I live in the present. I am not in the past. 
  • I rest peacefully knowing all is well in my world.
  • I release the past living fully in the present moment.
  • I choose not to compare myself with others as we are all different.
  • I am enough.
  • I fill my mind with positive, nourishing thoughts. 
  • My heart is overflowing with joy.
  • You are worthy.
  • You are loved.
  • I am learning to be grateful each day.

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